In my many years doing search marketing I’ve never had to delete an active conversion pixel. It’s shocking and funny at the same time because I realized that I am not alone and that there’s literally nothing anywhere on the Internet that describes the do’s and dont’s of deleting conversion pixels. So let me bridge [...]


MCC Scripts!!!

May 14, 2014

A very exciting announcement for AdWords scripts enthusiasts: MCC-level scripts = a fantastic way to manage AdWords at scale through simple JavaScript.
Common use cases:

make cross-account changes
troubleshoot & maintain at scale: locate broken URLs (, capped budgets, conflicting negative keywords… you get the idea!
create customized reports in HTML, PDF ( or Google Spreadsheets for all of your [...]

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Conversion tracking on mobile devices: too difficult or just poorly taught?

April 11, 2014

In no time mobile queries will not only get to parity but will surpass desktop queries. It’s the reality (but if you don’t believe me, know that Matt Cutts agrees too!).
Yet, it is shocking to me that so many of us do not have a good understanding of conversion tracking on mobile devices.

It’s rather straightforward, really. [...]

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Marketing Attribution: my $0.02 on how to cut your pie

March 28, 2014

Attribution exists because we all want to know how users convert and we all want to understand the value of those conversions. All the sophisticated math and manipulation of data to figure out how to slice your marketing pie most effectively! Not easy.
Attribution has been a part of every C-level conversation I’ve had this year. [...]

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Bid Simulator launches new set of columns to your keywords report tabs

March 20, 2014

Brand new to AdWords: it’s now easier to see bulk keyword-level click and cost estimates from Bid Simulator in the ‘Keyword Tab’.
Just choose the additional columns you’d like to view while in the ‘Keyword’ tab:

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How to troubleshoot AdWords conversion tracking

March 20, 2014

Nothing is worse than being stuck troubleshooting conversion tracking. It is a statement, because, trust me,  it still happens and it is, arguably, even worse than before because conversion tracking options have really evolved over the past couple of years.
In an effort to give you back some of the time you would otherwise completely lose [...]

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What are the different MCC linking limits?

January 13, 2014

I am sure you’ve worked with businesses with very complex MCC structures (I’ve had some where I literally had to draw to understand it and navigate it later). Well, I recently came across the MCC linking limits and wanted to share with you all as I bet you don’t know what they are… And if [...]

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