Is Bing the next big thing?

by Maria on May 26, 2009

Right at the time when we all got over kumo as the name, alternative names for Microsoft’s new search engine started popping up here and there.

ZDNet talks about Kiev as a possible name but they are rather lonely with this opinion, as the majority of the news agrees on Bing as the name name.

Computerworld believes that Bing, not Kumo, is the next big thing and APCMag even claims Bing is going live in Australia this week.

I turned to for traffic data and Kumo is the definite winner there – see for yourself:



But really whatever the name, assures everyone that if Microsoft does these two things, you may want to “kumo” or “bing” it, instead of googling it:

1. Precision
The no-brainer. A leaked internal Microsoft memo published by the Journal talks about how 40% of search queries go unanswered, and 46% of search sessions take longer than 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, there’s no good way to verify that data. And yet it’s true that whether you use Google, Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO), or IAC‘s (Nasdaq: IACI), results aren’t the same as answers. Right now, users are the last mile when it comes to filtering search results. Kumo could win big by using technology to close the gap.

2. Real-time results
For all the hype surrounding Twitter — and there’s plenty — we know that Google envies the microblogger. “People really want to do stuff real time and I think they [Twitter] have done a great job about it. I think we have done a relatively poor job of creating things that work on a per-second basis,” UK newspaper The Guardian quoted co-founder Larry Page as saying yesterday.

So, are you ready for the big bing?

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