Have you thought of marketing with flipbooks?

by Maria on July 19, 2010

I have been thinking a lot about alternative marketing collateral lately and  flip books crossed my mind while I was sorting through our piles of books at home. Apparently, my husband has a couple of those and they are pretty cool.


Here's what a flipbook is

Like motion pictures, flipbooks rely on persistence of vision to create the illusion that continuous motion is being seen rather than a series of discontinuous images being exchanged in succession. Rather than “reading” left to right, a viewer simply stares at the same location of the pictures in the flip book as the pages turn. The book must also be flipped with enough speed for the illusion to work, so the standard way to “read” a flip book is to hold the book with one hand and flip through its pages with the thumb of the other hand. The German word for flip book—Daumenkino, literally “thumb cinema” — reflects this process very well.

Even though flipbooks have been around since 1868 (!), they are a very innovative way to market, used by only a couple of big guys out there (mostly, sports and movies), but what a great marketing test would they make for a brand seeking user engagement! I could almost picture a direct mailer for YouTube…

As I did some research to learn more about flip books, I came across Proflix (http://www.proflix.com) and their flipbooks are really cool. From Bible study to cars, movies, and sports, Proflix is taking the idea further and turning flipbooks into a new medium, the one where a passive image is able to capture and engage the user. I can totally see how these can be very addictive for some folks!

Check out some of the really cool samples I found:

40 Days of Purpose Flipbook

Star Wars 3 FlipbookB.R.A.I.N. Child Flipbook

From movies and sports to non-profits and religious organizations, flip books are a great way to try something new in your marketing and take user engagement to a new level, don’t you think?

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