How to recover deleted Facebook friends

by Maria on June 23, 2010

Relationships are emotional and can be extremely frustrating. But getting your revenge online is much faster and easier than in real life, hence the new problem of deleted Facebook friends. Face it: we’ve all been there. You get mad and you delete them from your Facebook friends. It feels great and you may even update your status to let everybody know what you did. But as time goes and things change, you may find yourself wanting that Facebook friend back.

There are a few scenarios for issues with deleted friends:

  • you blocked them
  • you removed them (deleted them) from your friends list
  • they blocked you
  • they removed/deleted you

Note: Blocking a user does not extend to some applications, so there’s a good chance you’ll encounter your deleted friend while playing Scrabble on Facebook.

But since Facebook is really lacking in customer service and help resources, here’s how to recover your deleted Facebook friends if you want them back (based on how you got there in the first place):

Option 1. You blocked them.

From your Facebook account, go to Privacy Settings -> Block Lists -> Edit Your Lists (see screenshot below):

Unblock Friends on Facebook

Find Your Blocked Lists on Facebook

Choose the name of the friend you want to unblock and click unblock (see screenshot below):

unblock deleted Facebook friends

Unblock Deleted Facebook Friends


Look at Facebook’s help instructions if you care:

Completing option 1 will not automatically add them to your friends list again. So you will need to search for them and send them a friend request.

Option 2. You removed/deleted them (by intent or by accident).

There are a couple of things you can do:

1/ Search for them by their name
2/ Search for them by their e-mail address
3/ Click on their profile pic on a mutual friend’s profile
4/ Click on their profile pic on a suggested friend link
5/ Send them a standard e-mail asking them to add you as a Friend again

If non of the above works, try this (this is sorta nuclear): Get a new account, add your old account and your deleted friend as friends, and then suggest that they become friends with your old account.

Option 3 and 4. They blocked/removed/deleted you.

If they’ve changed their mind, they should look at options 1 and 2 for a solution. However, if they still don’t want you as a friend, you will have to accept this. There are hacks available but I would really discourage you from taking that path.

One additional thins you can do:

Hope this helps!

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