Live is good… No kidding this time.

by Maria on May 18, 2009



You can tell that spring is late this year with Google and Microsoft doing spring makeovers in May. Yet all the makeovers seems to be beneficial for us, the users, and I am excited about the latest makeover from Microsoft. Basically, the adCenter Spring 2009 Upgrade offers many of the convenient, time-saving improvements we’ve been asking for. New features include more control over targeting, bidding, and distribution of your advertising campaigns. Can you believe it?

To get more on what’s new, download this Adcenter 2009 Spring Upgrade and Feature Guide. And, mind you, this is for US only. But in short, now we can:

– Target customers and place incremental bidding at the campaign level, and set a default keyword bid for our ad groups
–  Use Microsoft Editor! I hear the bugs are fixed (hard to believ, I know. I’ve been avoiding it too)
–  Use Microsoft Content Ads since they officially launched out of beta
–  Sign in to adCenter with a Windows Live ID and access the Home page with a new Home tab in the navigation for alerts, news and FAQs (I wonder who requested this one!)

So, really, Live is good.

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