Content network optimization and domain hunting with new Google interface

by Maria on May 13, 2009

For some reason, domain hunting never seems to come to mind when we talk about Google content network. Yet, if you take a step back and really think about it, there’s no better place for domain hunting. With the new interface, things have changed a lot, including the new “networks” tab (see screenshot below) – the treasure chest for both account optimization and domain hunting.



This tab is very cool because it shows you all the networks that your campaigns are running on, including, search partners, content network, and targeted placements. 

In the past, you could run a Placement Performance report that showed you which domains your ads showed on, as well as a ton of additional useless info you had to sift through for hours to get somewhere. For advertisers with huge media budgets, certain domains may get thousands of dollars if the results are there. So really it is worth the time to check if any of these domains are parked domains because it is likely you’ll be able to buy it at a fraction of your media cost. Plus, the research got much better with the new interface where you see day-by-day data on every URL your ads appear on through Google content network.

To find the important domains, do this:

1. Sort the columns by cost to see where the most of your media goes to. Then sort by conversions to see the best performers. 

2. If you see any parked domains, make a note: you can go directly onto the domain and see if you can buy it!

3. Until you move forward with buying the domain, use the new feature that allows to automatically add high performing domains to your placement-targeted campaign (BTW, this is now called “managed placements”).

Now, the last missing piece that Google is working on is display ad builder integration. Once that’s done, this will be an absolute hit. But in the meantime, consider investing your media into buying a domain, instead of spending a ton of money on it while it belongs to someone else. Happy hunting!

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