View Through Conversions are a reality for Google Content Network

by Maria on October 9, 2009

As Google announced on September 30, View Through Conversions are now a reality for advertisers going after Google content network. While this is definitely good news, the terminology got a lot of marketers deeply confused. To clear up the definition, here’s some information about view through conversions and thoughts on why this is kinda cool.

Part 1. View Through Conversion information

View-through conversions are conversions that occur after a display ad has been viewed, but that do not result from a click on the display ad. These do not include conversions actually associated with clicks on the display ad. The conversions (1-per click) and view through conversions are therefore different metrics and are not double counting the same thing.

View-through conversions allow you to see the impact your display ads have in addition to actual clicks. If someone views the ad, and then returns directly to the site within the next 30 days and converts, the conversion will be counted as a view-through conversion even though a click never occurred. Display ads tend to enhance direct traffic and search performance, and the view through conversions will allow you to better assess that.

Here’s where you will see view through conversions in the AdWords user interface:



View Through Conversion Drawbacks:

  1. not integrated with reports yet
  2. not integrated with Google Editor yet

Now, some interesting things about View Through conversion tracking.

Why did Google decide to offer it in the first place?

To provide a better measure of the impact of a display ad campaign for those instances where the ad is seen, but not immediately clicked on. More specifically, View-through conversion reporting measures the number of conversions that occurred within 30 days of your display ad appearing for which there was no ad click generated.

How does it benefit us, the advertisers?

By using view-through conversion reporting, we can compare the performance of our Google Content Network campaigns with the performance of the other display advertising campaigns (maybe you are running on FaceBook at the same time?). This feature can also help determine the best ways and places to advertise, how best to optimize the display ad campaigns, and, ultimately, how to spend the advertising dollars more effectively. I say thumbs up!

Lastly, some view through tracking Q&A from Google:

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